RALEIGH, NC – Monday, January 15, 2018, marks a special day in American History. It is celebrated as one of America’s most important holidays. Dr. Martin Luther King must be remembered not just as a Civil Rights leader. He was a special man with an extraordinary vision. Dr. King once said, “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

In North Carolina and America today, silence seems to be the only order of the day. Elected officials and leaders do not openly condemn that which they know to be wrong. Silence as an inaction will never institute change. Because Dr. King challenged every man by looking at his moral center, he could rise above the human frailties of life that often destroyed and imperiled the opportunity for change. Dr. King’s legacy was not just about social equality, justice, or voting rights. Dr. Martin Luther King’s spirit was about bringing people of the world together to overcome that which divided them.

In 2018, America still suffers from racial injustice and inequality in almost every phase of the human experience. There remains those that do not see the value of the American idea of creating a true melting pot that allows all races, colors, and creeds to come together in the unity of a common purpose. That purpose must be to love one another and be willing to share experiences. Our society may be viewed as classless. There remains only one division that creates the haves and the have-nots. The war that rages between these groups is not representative of Dr. King and his legacy.  Dr. King believed in unity of purpose. This special man believed so strongly in negotiating a better landscape for others that he gave his life for his cause.

Dr. Martin Luther King “is” a conqueror. Through his actions, he has motivated many others to carry the mantle of morality forward. Today, many will celebrate this very important day. My charge to you on this day is that Dr. King be remembered as this very special man and hero. Let not your celebrations be filled with vain enchantments that puff up political hopefuls. Measure your thoughts and give the most earnest heed to those things in which you have learned and experienced, unless we let them slip. More importantly, let every day of your life exemplify the stature of this true American hero, Dr. Martin Luther King.

Linda Wilkins-Daniels
African American Caucus – NC Democratic Party


The mission of the AAC-NCDP is to promote political participation and education within the African American Community, encourage African Americans to seek public office, represent issues and concerns of its membership to the Democratic Party Leadership and to work towards strengthening the Democratic Party.